The 4 Most Lucrative Blockchain Careers

Blockchain is the most in-demand job skill this year!

LinkedIn reports that blockchain is the most wanted hard skill by companies in 2020.

It topped skills in areas like cloud computing and even artificial intelligence.

In fact, the momentum has been growing as far back as 2018 when there was a 300% increase in blockchain-related U.S. job openings compared to the year prior.

These jobs also offer very attractive salaries.

Read on to learn more about some of the most lucrative careers involving blockchain technology.

  1. Blockchain Developer

There are two kinds of blockchain developers.

Core blockchain developers and blockchain software developers.

Core blockchain developers take charge of developing the architecture of a blockchain system. This includes designing its

protocols and making other high-level development-related decisions.

On the other end of the spectrum are blockchain software developers.

Where the core developers’ job ends, the software developers’ job begins. What happens is that they use the architecture and protocols designed by the core developers to create things like decentralised apps, web applications, and smart contracts.

Blockchain developers typically make over USD$150,000 a year.

  1. Blockchain Data Scientist

Blockchain data scientists spend their time researching and analysing tons of blockchain data.

This field is very technical and involves making algorithms that detect and analyse patterns in extremely large sets of data. These algorithms are also applied in creating models, visualising data, and giving useful insights into the information that’s collected.

A blockchain data scientist on average makes USD$122,840 a year.

  1. Blockchain Project Manager

A blockchain project manager acts as a bridge between the blockchain needs of a business and the blockchain experts that will develop the blockchain solutions.

This is a challenging role that involves the skills of traditional project management, plus a specific understanding of blockchain technology. This kind of project manager also needs to be able to convey technical ideas to non-technical people so that they can provide helpful updates.

The average salary for a blockchain project manager is USD$106,667 a year.

  1. Blockchain Information Security Analyst

One of the most critical aspects of blockchain technology is security.

An analyst in this role is in charge of supervising encryption, predicting and guarding against threats, and analysing blocks to make sure they are secure.

On average, a blockchain information security analyst makes USD$99,730 a year.


Blockchain-related careers give people an exciting opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies with an equally attractive salary to match.

While the top earners work hard and are very technical, the rewards of such careers are equally as impressive.

With the need for individuals who understand blockchain growing steadily, now is the perfect chance for people to upskill themselves and become part of the technology that’s disrupting industries across the globe.

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