Our catalogue of over 130 courses is designed to upskill your digital finance and business optimisation skills. We are proud to offer users the knowledge and skills they need to participate in new disruptive avenues of wealth creation.

By focusing on blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and tokenisation, Piptle Academy prepares you for the ever-evolving digital economy and gives you the tools you need to understand decentralized finance. Our digital marketing and entrepreneurial optimisation courses provide users with the crucial foundations of scaling their business in the new hybrid economy.

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Piptle Agency

Piptle Agency is an upcoming blockchain-based platform that will provide an online marketplace for listing and selling properties. On the platform, users will be able to engage in real estate transactions using Ethereum or Binance smart chain. Everyone from real estate agents to campaign listers will benefit from these features. Industry users will have the chance to white label their listings to preserve anonymity.

Piptle Store

At the Piptle store, community members can sell products and services peer-to-peer using blockchain technology. Our unique multi-vendor store empowers members to disrupt mainstream economy with cryptocurrency, NFTs, and tokenization. If you’re ready to break free from conventional commerce and be a part of the global shift, come visit our store!

EZI Platform

Ezi is a multifaceted platform at the forefront of the cryptocurrency payment integration space. The platform supports the Piptle Ecosystem while constantly developing new uses centered around blockchain technology. Ezi’s technology is designed to enhance accessibility for individuals, businesses, and organizations with the goal of expanding the emerging decentralized economy. Ezi is expected to help demystify and streamline the future of finance.


Pipezi is a decentralized wallet that allows you to store and use your crypto coins. With rapid transactions, this multi-cryptocurrency application is easy to use, employing high tech security, and providing all the tools you need to scale your business globally.


EziMoon is a marketplace that encourages crypto transactions for both buyers and sellers. This platform is designed to scale businesses to global e-commerce trading with cutting-edge technology that is proven to increase sales and optimise user experience.
Both merchants and consumers can benefit from transactions while building their blockchain investments and repertoire.


eziHRM is a human resources management platform that tracks employee tasks and progress. By combining several systems and processes, we ensure the smooth management and accessibility of human resources, business processes, and data.

Anyone from SMEs to large enterprises can benefit from our HRM software.On the platform, employers can offer employees rewards based on performance. Rewards can be redeemed as crypto and more.


DARQtec is an IT service provider that uses custom software to help elevate your business’ value with an in-house tech team. This service is for individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to reach specific needs with step-by-step support from skilled professionals. We ensure that your clients feel confident when incorporating cryptocurrency and tokenisation avenues into their business.

Integrating custom software development, product design, and QA consultancy services with cryptocurrency methods, DARQtec will be your go-to platform for business optimisation in a digital economy.


Piiink is our one-of-a-kind charitable loyalty rewards program that benefits both businesses and clients. Businesses can take advantage of our network by converting clients to members and promoting shopping incentives with competitive rebates and charitable donations. 

This platform provides your business with a profitable formula for sales generation and boosting conversion rates, while ensuring client retention. As a bonus, every purchase made donates to different community causes!


Piptle Academy’s focus is to provide ongoing education for individuals and businesses interested in optimising their business skills and digital finance literacy. Our courses aim to provide the best training available for everyone from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned enterprises. 

We provide you with a range of videos that empower individuals and companies to expand their financial profile from Piptle’s Ecosystem.
By becoming a Global Piptle Ambassador, you are provided with the opportunity to create passive income streams using the newest blockchain technology. We are passionate about spreading the word about this new disruptive way of building property wealth and funding your business.
With over 129 courses to choose from, there is value for everyone!


Piptle’s annual membership provides members access to our marketplace platforms and a library of financial courses at Piptle Academy.
This membership is valued at $88 AUD (can be paid with any accepted cryptocurrency).

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With over 129 courses, ranging from beginner to advanced, we provide you with business optimisation skills, as well as the foundations of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and tokenisation as digital investments. Piptle Academy is also offering full day blockchain courses for anyone who is eager to get an in-depth breakdown of this emerging technology and start building wealth today.