Piptle Club Membership and License Terms and Conditions

Please read through the following terms and conditions:

I/we wish (each) to apply for a Piptle Club Membership and when formed towards the end of 2020 membership in the Piptlers’ Cooperative. Total Fee Membership is $88 AUD (including GST). This will also entitle me/us to access courses listed on www.piptleacademy.com at a minimum discount of 10%. For this membership fee I/we will also be provided an upgraded paid membership with the www.PiptleApp.Store as both an Affiliate and I can upgrade to also be a Market Place Seller. The membership fee will allow me/us to earn a minimum of 10% on any Piptle Utility Coins allocated for commission sharing.  I will have further access to tools being provided by Piptle Wealth Management in the membership area that will help me generate passive income through programs made available from associated partners working with Piptle Wealth Management.  Other benefits of membership are available to me as per the Terms and Conditions offered on upgraded membership levels.

If this is a partnership, the first participant will be charged $880 up to November 1 2020 ,with each additional participant paying $440 (incl GST) for the course, and $88 for each mandatory individual Piptle Club Membership. Joint applicants must fill in a second application form and there name must be written in the space below. One G-PAL ID will be issued to share by both persons.

As part of our approval as a G-PAL I/we agree to support the PiptleApp.Store crowd fund with a minimum contribution of $1000 to be funded during the crowd fund raising period. With a commitment to fund a total of AUD$3000 towards purchases made through thePiptleApp.Store by June 30th, 2021.

I/we acknowledge that we will be issued a bonus amount of 8000 Piptle Utility Coins (PUCs) to be used in the Piptle Sideline Economy being created to support providing income-earning opportunities for all Piptle Affiliates. Any additional Piptle Utility Coins being provided as a bonus to support the PiptleApp.Store crowd fund will be at the discretion of the Piptle Wealth Management Pty Ltd Details for bonus issues of tokens will be listed on www.Piptle.com.Piptle Wealth Management Pty Ltd, and or together with the PiptleApp.Store Pty Ltd do not make any claims, promises or given warranties as to the future value of Piptle Utility Coins. These PUCs are not to be treated as an inducement as they are to be used in the Piptle economy for products, Piptle Academy courses and payment of any trading applicable fees. The value of these PUCs may fluctuate based on demand.

I/we acknowledge and agree that there is no pre-existing agreement between myself/us and or with Piptle Wealth Management Pty Ltd.

I/we agree that by submitting this application form to become a member of the Piptle Academy; Piptle membership program and the PiptleApp.Store that I/we are open and agreeable to receive offers from any of the above group entities. We understand that information may be collected from our participation on websites supporting the Piptle offering and community engagement. I/we acknowledge in signing this application, that I/we are not being given financial advice or being promised a future income or investment return from any issued bonus Piptle Utility Coins. I/we also confirm we are not purchasing any Piptle Academy membership, the Applying Blockchain in Real Estate Course and supporting any other crowd funding activity for the purpose of receiving Piptle Utility Coins.