Our Team

Paul Niederer
Piptle Wealth Management Pty Ltd
Director, Compliance & Strategy Officer

An accountant by qualification, Paul’s community fundraising approach soon made him one of the world’s foremost authorities on equity-based crowdfunding, investor aggregation and trust-based systems. Paul was the CEO of the Australian Small-Scale Offering Board (ASSOB) for 8 years, raising over $300 million.

Paul has assisted with over 200 capital raises, he is highly regarded as a board member and contributor.

Aaron Troy Cassar
Piptle Wealth Management Pty Ltd – Director & CEO

Aaron is a Digital Economy  Entrepreneur and was involved in conceptualising and launching METEX metals.exchange, a blockchain business trading metals. Aaron has also consulted for property based fractional startups, EqiBank, PureGold, NaturesCoin and Blockchain Collective.

With 20 years of working internationally in consulting roles with listed public companies  in Asia, Aaron is well regarded for his strategic thinking and implementation.