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    Foundations of Solopreneurship

    Being a solopreneur means being an entrepreneur that runs everything themselves. There are countless advantages to this kind of business model, and thanks to the web, it's now more feasible for more people than ever before.

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    Free Facebook Traffic Strategies

    Facebook is a business at the end of the day and they want marketers to spend money on advertising.  So they have taken steps over the last few years to ensure that advertisers have a much greater advantage than those that only use an organic reach approach.  If your content is not appearing in the news feeds of your target audience then you are not going to get the results that you want. Facebook users are not going to visit your website as much as they used to.   So this begs the all-important question – is it still possible to get free traffic from Facebook and not have to spend money on ads? The answer is YES as long as you use the right strategies. You need to follow the same strategies that we will reveal in this guide. 

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    Freedom Online Business

    "How To Create An Online Business Around Your Lifestyle" With an online business, you also are able to work from anywhere you want, whether you decide to work out of your home or head to a café or co-working space. You can choose where to live, and you have the freedom to organize your schedule almost entirely as you wish.

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    Getting Affiliates to Sell Your Stuff

    Getting affiliates to promote your products can be easier money than you could make on your own because...

    • They attract buyers you otherwise never would have received
    • Those buyers can become repeat buyers. It's easier to sell to someone who's purchased before.
    • Your earnings from affiliates are essentially free money – minus the work you put in to attract and work with the affiliates

    To get affiliates, you'll need to convince them that you and your product are worth promoting. You'll need to build trust. And you'll need patience as well. Potential affiliates often won't say yes the first time you ask, or they'll say yes but then they'll get distracted and they'll go promote something else unless you follow up.

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    Gold & Silver Investment Secrets (Video Course)

    Gold and Silver are one of the oldest forms of currency in the world. These two metals have been traded around the world for a thousand years.

    Printed money doesn't even come close to the value of gold and silver. In many ways, people still consider it as the de facto standard for currency.

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    Home-Based Training

    Committing to a regular exercise regimen is often easier said than done. It takes discipline, focus, and time – and if you’re planning to join a gym, it can cost you an arm and a leg every single month. But does it have to? The truth is, you don’t have to spend a fortune on gym memberships or fitness classes. With the tips and strategies featured inside of this special report, you’ll be able to achieve the exact same results at home at a low-to-no cost!   Regular exercise, particularly as you get older, is an important component to living your best, most active, and healthiest life.

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    How To Generate, Evaluate & Test Your Own Product Ideas

    One of the biggest objections to product creation is finding a great idea for a product. Believe it or not, YOU are often your greatest source for profitable product ideas, and you're about to discover how to generate more profitable business ideas than you will ever be able to use. Here's a thought that will take some of the stress out of choosing an idea and then seeing it all the way through to completion: Even a less than stellar idea - seen through to the end - will become an asset and a character builder. Let's say you choose your idea and you run with it. You stick to it all the way from inception to final product creation and product launch. But it doesn't perform the way you hoped and you don't get the sales you anticipated.

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    How to Become a Successful Social Media Influencer

    Marketing, as well as technology, has evolved exponentially in recent years. Furthermore, these two have merged, giving rise to new strategies that help brands, companies, and organizations to achieve their objectives, which in most cases, consist of greater exposure, recognition, and obviously, a higher number of sales. 

    Social networks are one of the products of this evolution. Their essential purpose is based on connection because they were initially intended for that purpose, to connect us with other people anywhere in the world. Faced with such a possibility, brands have entered this world by putting millions of goods and services within reach of the customer with just a click or a tap on the screen of your Smartphone. 

    This trend gave rise to competition, that is, since many brands or organizations joined the world of social media, then what would differentiate them? The answer is simple: the strategies they decided to apply to reach their customers.


  • 37 Lessons

    How To Become An Influencer

    ” The Step by Step Guide To Becoming An Influencer In Your Industry”. There are a lot of people on the web that are keen…
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    How to Launch a Digital Product Business

    Do you want to start earning a huge supplementary and passive income to make life that little bit easier. In fact, if everything goes to plan, you may even be able to replace your current income entirely with this new business venture and begin enjoying truly passive revenue while at the same time achieving complete financial freedom. Sounds too good to be true? Well maybe it does but nevertheless it's something that happens for countless internet marketers on a regular basis. Thousands of people have managed to make huge amounts of money using this strategy – this is a tried and tested method that's entirely easy to replicate and almost fool-proof. And what is this strategy exactly? It's the creation and selling of digital products of course. And throughout the course we're going to go over all the details and steps to help you set up just such a business. Selling digital products is easy when you know how, it's something that everyone can do and it's proven to work.

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    How To Motivate Your Affiliate

    Your affiliates are the mechanisms that DRIVE sales, so it’s obviously in your best interest to keep your affiliates happy, motivated and knowledgeable. If they are successful, YOU will be successful! It’s as simple as that. This course will help you get them on track and keep them there. It will cover 5 essential areas that will motivate your affiliates to promote your products.

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    How to Start a Business With Absolutely No Experience

    Many people have dreams of having their own business for many reasons. They want to make money and make something of themselves. Others want something to supplement their income. Whatever the reason you want to start a business, always begin doing it the right way, and keep running it with good intentions.
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    How to Unplug from the Digital World … for a while!

    "How To Spend Less Time In The Digital World and More Time In Real World". It is becoming very challenging to put the phone down. Not only are most people working in front of a screen all day, but most do it at home too.  Several people go home after work and sit in front of the TV and browse their phones.   You will learn about the current state of the digital world, what the impact is on your physical and mental health. We will explore how you can adopt more positive behaviors with technology while finding a way to reconnect with yourself. The last part of this guide is a 21-day plan that will help you break up with technology for good. But first, let's look at what history is and the current state of our digital life.

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    IM Business Models

    There are countless excellent reasons to be interested in earning money online and it is no exaggeration to say that this is a decision that can change your entire life.  Earning money online is appealing first and foremost to many people for the freedom that it affords them. If you can earn money online, then it essentially means that you can work from anywhere in the world. For some people, this then means working from home which is a great way to have a  much more relaxed lifestyle. Imagine if you had no commute if you could pick and choose your working hours, or if you could work in bed when the mood took you?   Others will be more ambitious with their ability to work from home and will instead use it as a way to travel the world as a ‘digital nomad’. If you have an online business model that works, then you can earn a living anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. Why not see the world and have some amazing experiences along the way?   This opens up a whole new concept called ‘lifestyle design’. Lifestyle design means deciding what kind of life you would like to live and then coming up with a career plan to fit that lifestyle – rather than falling into a  job and then being forced to change your life around that. 

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    Instagram Guides For Beginners

    "How To Use and Create Instagram Guides To Build Your Audience and Promote Your Business". As with the social media market as a whole, there has been a shift from Instagram being a social platform, to it being a media platform that places emphasis on unique content creation, as well as business and marketing. This is evidenced by its recent layout change which prioritizes shopping features--at an inconvenience to many personal users but is incredibly useful for businesses trying to sell products via Instagram. While it can seem negative to discuss the poor reaction by some users to this change in the platform, it is still important to be able to gauge market reaction to certain features. For example, some demographics will require a  different level, intensity, or subtleness of marketing to overcome their initial disdain for business features. This course is divided into three overall sections: firstly, explaining  Instagram Guides, secondly, how Guides can be used, and thirdly promoting the Guides.

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    Laser Focused Success

    We live in an era of information overload. We are bombarded with media, technology, entertainment, and notifications every day. It seems there are hundreds of people and things competing for your attention at any given time. There is no wonder why in the last few years, our attention spans have become shorter and our ability to focus has decreased. Your time is valuable. Not being able to focus can have a negative effect on how successful we are at work and in our personal lives. Focus is a skill that we develop by training and practice. Productivity requires intention and strategy to help make your time work for you! Let’s begin by examining time killers that make us less productive. We will discuss tips and techniques to help improve your focus. Then let’s create your plan will that will get you started on improving your productivity now!

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    Launch Your Online Course

    Many people are curious about online course launching but put it off out of fear and anxiety. Little do they know that they are missing out on a lot of money and freedom by allowing their fears to stop them from creating their online course. Though creating an online course requires some tech know-how, the benefits of building an online course greatly outweigh the negatives. The reason for this is that online course creators are making a full-time living selling their online courses. This incredible monetary payoff is worth the effort of creating an online course. All the while, education is increased for the students! Luckily for you, launching an online course does not have to be difficult.  With the help of this guide, you will learn key aspects of a successful online course launch. Let’s get started!

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    Leadership Strategies

    Everyone has had the experience of working for a not-so-great boss. While it’s common for people to be promoted into management when they excel in non-leadership positions, the truth is that a lot of the people who get those promotions don’t have the skills they need to effectively manage their team. In other words, they lack the must-have leadership skills that all great bosses have in common. The good news is that they’re skills you can easily learn. In this special report, I’ll explain the five essential leadership skills you need to successfully manage a team, and how to set yourself up for long-term success.  These critical steps include communication, adaptability, team building, strategic thinking, and delegation. Are you ready to learn what it takes to become an effective leader? Let’s get started!