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Types of Blogs & Blog Posts

There are as many types of blog posts as there are blogs. In other words, millions. The type of blog post you publish will depend on what you want to achieve. You may want to share your passion for your subject matter with other enthusiasts. Or you may want chronicle occurrences in your everyday life, such as your career advancement, battling a serious illness, or your social life.

Type of blogs

Generally, blog posts can be categorized into seven major categories:

  • Personal — This is the broadest category and includes blog posts people write about their own lives or topics that interest them, such as politics, music, family, travel, and fitness.
  • Top Ten of Top Tips – These types of blog posts typically list your top ten choices of whatever subject you like, or offer your top tips on a subject.
  • How-to Blog Post – These are blog posts that education people on the best ways to perform individual tasks. They are frequently in form of video blog posts.
  • Reviews — There are lots of blog posts that share reviews about restaurants, movies, games, music, books and so on.
  • Rant Post – These are blog posts that let you give your opinion on whatever topic you like. It’s your blog, so you can be as opinionated as you like.
  • Video Post – This is when you make a brief video and post it on your blog. It also can be posted on YouTube.
  • Audio/Podcast – Make an audio recording and post is as a blog post. You also can post it on iTunes.
  • Promotional Post — These are blog posts that promote specific products, offerings and events. 

Resource Posts – With these blog posts, you list top resources for whatever topic you are writing about.