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Developing Blog Topics

As a regular blogger, you will need to be continually looking for new ideas for blog posts you can share with your readers. That means you will need to take time to gather ideas. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by looking at what other people who write blog posts on your topic are doing. 

Whenever other bloggers subscribe to your blog, you should consider subscribing to theirs as well. Not only will it keep you in touch with the online community that shares your enthusiasm for your topic, but it also will provide you with a steady supply of new blog post ideas delivered directly into your inbox.

Before you write a single word, your first week should be spent gathering ideas, clarifying your subject and looking at what other people are doing in order to solidify the concept of the new blog post you want to create.

Organizing how you develop your blog will depend on your own abilities and needs. Some bloggers prefer people specific blog posts scheduled for weeks ahead of time so they know exactly what to write about all the time. Others have no idea what they are going to write about when they turn on their computers.

Developing your blog topic

The majority of bloggers fall somewhere in between, keeping a file with a few vague ideas that can be developed further during the blog writing process.

You may be brimming with ideas for your new blog right now, but use caution and try not to bite off more than you can chew. Blogging requires time commitment and focus. While you may be chomping at the bit and filled with great ideas now, start slow and build on your success as you go along. You can always publish as frequently as you want, but when you create expectations for your readers, it can be difficult to sustain those expectations indefinitely.

Video Blogs

Video Blog

Videos can be added using the same media tool you use to add photos and other images to your blog post. They can be downloaded from your computer, from a video camera, or you can add a link to a video from another site, such as YouTube.

Video blogs are increasing in popularity because of the wide availability of high definition video cameras on smart phones, tablets and laptops, as well as the near universality of playback devices. Video lets you show – as well as tell — your readers how to do specific tasks. Video blogging is a great way to give your readers high-value content.

You also can post your video on YouTube and link in the description to your blog post to increase your potential audience size. The videos you make don’t need to have professional-quality production values. In fact, people tend to enjoy videos that appear to be homemade and less polished because they are more genuine.

Audio Blogs and Podcasts

Audio blog and podcast

Another option is to record and publish audio blog posts using the microphone built in to your laptop, tablet or smartphone, or by purchasing an inexpensive digital recorder and a microphone. This is great for providing content your followers can listen to on headphones while they are on the go, at the gym or in their cars.

You can also upload your podcasts for free onto iTunes, where they can be found by people who are interested in your subject matter. If you regularly post podcasts, you can quickly build a loyal following of regular listeners.

Promotional Blogs

As businesses discover the power of blogging, there has been an increasing number of promotional blogs in recent months. These are blogs that promote specific products, offerings and events.  Blogs are being used to gain attention for everything from television shows, movies, clothing and even services such as tax accounting and babysitting.

There have even been cases of popular bloggers being approached by companies to endorse their products in their personal blogs in exchange for free products or even money.

Resources Posts

The resource blog post is one that directs your readers to sites they can visit to learn more about a particular subject. These can include links, lists of agencies and their phone numbers, and email addresses. 

The resource post is a good way to give your readers high-value content because they provide helpful information they can actually use and are actually quite easy to create using the free research tools provided by the Internet.

You also can add a page to your blog for resources so that visitors can have access to them all the time. This list can be updated any time you find a fresh resource you want to add.