• 20 Lessons

    18 Steps To Creating Best Selling Products

    When you have a step-by-step plan to follow, it just makes it so much easier than trying to “wing” it and magically (hopefully, somehow) put together a product people will happily purchase from you. 

  • 23 Lessons

    A Simple Guide to Blockchain

    Blockchain doesn’t need to be complicated. Of course it can get super technical, but when you’re still getting your feet wet it’s better to learn…
  • 6 Lessons

    Affiliate Advantage

    If you want to stand out in the affiliate marketplace, maximize your income quickly while building a list of ultra-targeted, insanely loyal customers, then you will want to read every word in this special course.

  • 7 Lessons

    Affiliate Network

    There’s no easier way to skyrocket your income, get your products in front of thousands of new prospects and build a recognized brand than by connecting with seasoned affiliate marketers. An affiliate army can make the difference between a decent week of sales, or an unstoppable flood of income that helps catapult your business to new heights.

  • 12 Lessons

    Amazon Affiliate Expert

    Amazon has been a great income earner for affiliates for many years, but changes to a variety of factors such as SEO and the habits of your typical web surfer have made it a much different environment than it was a few years ago.

    It was once possible to create micro niche sites that focused on a very specific niche subject, or even one single product, and make very good money. Google seemed to love those micro niche sites, and it was very easy to rank them and make a lot of money quickly.

    But times change. Google apparently decided they wanted that most micro niche sites were spam, which was mostly true, and decided it wanted to rank sites that had huge amounts of quality content instead. It destroyed a lot of businesses, and domains began expiring left and right because they lost their rankings and were no longer profitable.

    With all these changes making old methods difficult, if not nearly impossible, is it still possible to make money as an Amazon affiliate?

    The answer is a resounding, “YES!”

    The methods may be different, but it certainly is possible to earn very good money as an Amazon affiliate, and you’re going to learn how in this guide.

    So let’s begin.


  • 43 Lessons

    Amazon FBA Success

    Amazon FBA is a service provided by Amazon to sellers that can help them to build highly successful reseller businesses far more quickly and effectively than would otherwise be possible. Here, a  company is letting Amazon take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to storage and logistics, meaning that all the brand has to do is choose the right products and market! 

  • 12 Lessons

    Audiobook Marketing

    There are multiple ways to publish your book, including digital, print, and audiobook form. Audiobooks have been around for a long time, and they are starting to make a huge comeback. In 2018, sales of audiobooks neared $1 billion. Thanks to companies like ACX, creating one has never been easier.  Once your book is narrated, perfected, and published, you have to get it out there to listeners. Just like your digital and print versions, there are specific tactics you can use to generate traffic, reach new listeners, and maximize your profits. Let’s begin!

  • 13 Lessons

    Authority Marketing

    Authority marketing is about positioning your business in a way that you become the logical choice when someone is making the decision who to turn to for help, advice, products, or services. Your goal is to become the go-to person in your niche, or at the very least, one of the first names that come to mind when someone thinks about who to turn to for help with specific topics.

  • 48 Lessons

    Bitcoin Breakthrough – Training Guide

    Bitcoin started out with a value of zero and has hit highs of $10,000. It is a valuable commodity and once you have your Bitcoins you need to keep them safe. You will learn exactly how to do that.   Although Bitcoin is a volatile commodity it should be possible for you to make a good return on your investment if you follow the advice in this guide. While there are no guarantees with any form of investing, the advice provided here has worked well for others in the past. You have probably heard of Bitcoin but you may not be completely sure what it is. That’s OK because by the time you have read through this guide you will know what it is and how you can make money with it.  Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is another term that you need to be familiar with. The other important thing that we will explain is the technology behind Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies which is blockchain.  Before we get into the details of Bitcoin, it is important that you understand what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. 

  • 63 Lessons

    Bitcoin Profit Secrets

    In this course, you will learn all about Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency, how they work, why they exist, and what kind of technology is behind Bitcoin. It  wasn’t too long ago when people started hearing the words ‘Bitcoin’ and  ‘cryptocurrencies.’  Few people outside of the crypto-communities knew what they were and many thought it was just another fad that was bound to fail in a few years or so. The value of one bitcoin was just a few cents then so obviously it wasn’t worth a lot. For this reason, it was ignored by the masses. There were far more profitable investments one could make, after all.   Those who invested sums of money on the new digital currency either believed in the system proposed by its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, or they simply wanted to see how it works.  

  • 53 Lessons

    Blockchain Secrets

    Blockchains are digital ledgers and can be formally defined as a  continuously-growing list of records that are linked tougher and secured using advanced cryptography. In more simple terms, a  blockchain is literally a chain of blocks. Each record in the list of a blockchain chain is called a block that contains specific types and pieces of information. Each block will usually include some sort of pointer as a link to the previous bock, transaction data, and a timestamp, which can take a variety of forms. 

    The blockchain that was engineered by Mr. Satoshi serves as the public ledger for all bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin, if you don't already know, is a digital currency that is now worth roughly  $16,000, that runs on blockchain technology. The most well-known blockchain on the market today is that for Bitcoin, with the  Ethereum blockchain coming in a close second. 

  • 20 Lessons

    Blog Profits

    There are no limitations on what your blog can be about. Any topic that interests you is fair game. And odds are, there already is an entire community of people who share your interests and will look forward to your next posting. Once you begin writing your blog regularly, it’s easy to get dozens, or even hundreds, of regular readers who will frequently leave comments and engage in an exchange of information and knowledge with you.

  • 9 Lessons

    Blogging Boss

    If you’re reading this course, chances are that you want to make money in the lucrative and exciting world of blogging. You’re eager to join the ranks of 6-figure blogging professionals who provide quality content to an ever-growing market. So, you set out to build a great looking blog and begin to populate it with well-crafted content that touches down on topics that you believe are important to your target audience. Perhaps you’ve outsourced the work to qualified and experienced writers, or you’ve written it yourself. Either way, you have ensured that you are offering highly-sought-after information that you know people will find useful.   Then you hit publish and sit back, waiting for the traffic to pour in.  There’s no possible way that your content won’t attract hundreds of visitors, right? After all, you have worked hard on your content and you know that it’s exactly what your target market is looking for. Wrong. Creating engaging content is only the first step in building a website that will generate ongoing profit, but there’s far more to profitable blogging than that.  Content is the foundation of your business and while it’s certainly one of the most important components in constructing a website that will rank high in the search engines and attract visitors if you really want to make money in the world of blogging, you need to learn the insider strategies to generate targeted traffic that will result in ongoing revenue. 

  • 30 Lessons

    Blogging Traffic Mantra

    Making a living as a blogger has to be one of the sweetest gigs out there.  As a blogger, you’ll be able to earn passive income which means that your money will flow in even as you’re sleeping, traveling, or relaxing with friends. You’re no long trading time for income and this is the point you need to get to if you want to really be free and financially independent  (even being self-employed with clients is still pretty much like having a  job). 

  • 11 Lessons

    Brand Authority

    To succeed online or in business generally for that matter, you need a brand. It's not enough to simply start spamming the web with content; you need to ensure that you have thought about who you want to be, how you are going to gradually raise awareness of your company, how you are going to introduce a gradually increasing number of potential customers to your products and services and how you are going to cement the loyalty of those who come across you.

    Here in this course we will look at how you should go about doing this by creating a strong brand and then growing it to the point where you will be recognizable by your logo alone. We'll go through why you need a brand if you're running an online business, we'll look at the basics of what a brand is and we'll look at all the tools and techniques you'll need to create a brand that works for you in a highly effective manner.

  • 9 Lessons

    Buy & Sell Using Bitcoin

    ” How you can use bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in your business.”
  • 13 Lessons

    Choose to Lead

    Across the years, the perception and definition of leadership have changed. Leadership used to mean a position or a role in a hierarchy. Today, leadership…