About Piptle Academy

Aaron Cassar Presenting at the Piptle Academy

We are here to teach people how to develop and grow their businesses including an exciting new
business that is going to reinvent how property is sold today and into the future. We are here to
provide a Global Business Opportunity and the training to support it.

Working in conjunction with our partners enables us to continue to strive towards providing a
solution for affordable housing and the means for people all over the world to create a Universal
Passive Property Income and thereby a pathway to securing their future wealth.

And this is where the Piptle Academy comes into play.

It’s the first step in your Piptle journey, and it’s here that we’ll prepare you with everything you’ll need
to know about applying Blockchain to property so that you can build your own Virtual Property Agency!

So what’s after that?

As a G-PAL, once you pass our Blockchain in Real Estate and Authorised Representative courses, you’ll become one of our Global Piptle Ambassador Licensees and be qualified to start building your Virtual Property Agency.
Then, as you progress through your journey, you can come back to our academy to take more courses that will support you in building your business.