The Piptle Academy reason for being

Piptle Academy’s reason for being is  to create an engaged educated community that can champion education and provide opportunities that support persons in improving their livelihood by providing pathways for creating extra sources of income through participating in a digital economy supporting the creating, purchasing, selling, tokenization and trading of crypto currencies and blockchain digital assets including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).  

Who we are

The Piptle Academy is an Australian based global education and upskilling community that is continually seeking better ways for people to earn, learn and prosper in this world.

What is the Piptle Academy

The Piptle Academy is focused on providing ongoing education for anyone who is interested in upskilling, in relation to running a business, including those focused on Blockchain and future technologies.

This includes offering you the opportunity to learn how to become part of a new disruptive way of building property wealth, funding businesses and creating new opportunities tied to lease or rental incomes.

We are dedicated to providing the best training and support available, to assist budding entrepreneurs, and experienced business people, including our Global Piptle Ambassador Licensees and other professionals to enable them to create a passive income stream, from the Piptle sales they generate.

Why now?

During 2020, as measures to tackle the COVID pandemic were implemented, many people found that even though they had a university education and had regular employment,  they suddenly found themselves with no income and no prospects of earning any income during this challenging time. If they had prepared themselves by upskilling or creating a new income stream, they would have been better positioned.

Why is the Piptle Academy needed?

This COOP is urgently needed because traditional education providers:

  1. Have generally not yet embraced the emerging trends of blockchain, decentralised finance, digitisation and fractionalisation.
  2. If they have embraced these new employment areas, the courses are often expensive and not targeted towards employment or have entry requirements that don’t suit the majority of prospective students.
  3. Have no free courses to inspire people and often they have high-priced courses needing student loans to undertake them. In addition to its educational and upskilling streams, the Piptlers Cooperative provides members the ability to contribute capital to be used to further build passive income streams that may be created from the development of new platforms, trading activities, creating new digital assets, funding of property related initiatives, from providing capital for loans and mortgages, and lending as managed by the Co-operative to support better and evolved financial wellbeing of its members.