12 Major Companies Leveraging the Power of Blockchain

Did you know it’s not just startups and crypto companies using blockchain?


Almost all major corporations are using it. And you can bet that the ones that aren’t are looking for ways they can get started.


Here’s just a small sample of those companies and how they’ve started using it.



Amazon Managed Blockchain was designed to make it easy to make and manage scalable blockchain networks. It uses the open source frameworks Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum.


Citigroup and Goldman Sachs

In January 2020, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs did the first equity swap on a new blockchain built using tools originally made for Ethereum.



In 2018 Google Cloud released datasets made up of the history of blockchain transactions for Bitcoin and Ethereum. They did this to help people understand cryptocurrency better. They then released another six cryptocurrency blockchains the following year.



HTC has released two phones for cryptocurrency users: Exodus 1 and Exodus 1S. The Exodus 1S was a big deal for crypto fans, because it could run a full Bitcoin node. HTC says this is a first for a smartphone.


The IBM Blockchain Platform was designed to build, operate, govern and grow blockchain software on all different types of computers.



Intel is a member of some really important blockchain organisations.


It’s a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. They’re a global standards organisation that is trying to speed up the use of Enterprise Ethereum in different industries.


It’s also a member of Hyperledger. This is an open-source collaboration and the goal is to improve technologies in different industries.


Finally, Intel’s a member of a group of companies that’s making an open source blockchain platform aimed at businesses.



Mastercard and R3, which is a top enterprise blockchain software provider, are working together to make software for international payments using blockchain technology. Mastercard will handle the clearing and settlement side of things.



Nestlé has been using blockchain technology since 2017 when they started using IBM Food Trust. In 2019 Nestlé started working with OpenSC. They’re a blockchain platform that lets people track their food all the way back to the farm. The two companies are trying to make supply chains more transparent.



Microsoft created Azure to make storing and verifying records between users quick and simple. They did this by giving people the chance to share data instantly on an immutable, shared network.



The Samsung Blockchain Wallet is a safe and handy crypto-wallet. The main idea was that it could handle crypto transactions on-the-go, and only the owner of the wallet could access the data.



In 2019, Visa launched the Visa B2B Connect network. This let financial institutions quickly and securely handle payments of large amounts of money from all over the world.



In 2019 Walmart Canada launched a blockchain-based freight and payment network. They said that it’s the biggest full use of blockchain for production in the world. The system uses distributed ledger technology to track deliveries, verify transactions, and automate payments and reconciliation for Walmart Canada and its carriers.


With the popularity of blockchain growing, many of the top companies around the world are now using the technology.

And why wouldn’t they?

With so many new and exciting ways to apply this disruptive technology, companies are competing against one another to become the next big innovator and reap the rewards.

And it’s only a matter of time until they find a new and creative way to apply blockchain all over again.

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